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title: Clément Godbarge

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role: NEH Senior Fellow

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bio: My research interests include early modern history, Italian literature and the digital humanities.

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  • Early modern history
  • Italian literature
  • Rhetoric
  • History of medicine
  • Political science
  • Digital scholarship

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  • course: PhD in Italian Studies institution: New York University year: 2017
  • course: MA in Political Science institution: New York University year: 2010
  • course: MA in Cultural & Intellectual History institution: The Warburg Institute in London year: 2008
  • course: Licenciatura in Political Science institution: Universidad Complutense de Madrid year: 2005

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Clément Godbarge is an NEH Senior Fellow at the Medici Archive Project in Florence. His research revolves around science and statecraft in early modern Europe. In his forthcoming book, he examines how doctors embedded at the courts of sixteenth-century France and Italy promoted themselves as political experts of a new genre. His research has been supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Fulbright Commission, the Renaissance Society of America, and Harvard University.